November 7, 2016

Turmeric Facial Mask

Turmeric, Kaolin Clay & Seaweed Powder Facial Mask 


Kaolin Clay

Seaweed Powder

That is it; there are no other ingredients in our mask. No chemicals & No junk.  Leaves you feeling anew, clean and regenerated

How to make a Turmeric mask?

Step 1:  Measure out a teaspoon of the mask and put into a bowl (you won’t mind if it gets stained yellow)

Step 2: Add Water or an Oil (Coconut, Flax Seed or even Avocado Oil).

Step 3: Stir till smooth

Step 4: Apply to face and let it dry for a least 20 minutes **Especially if using an oil**

Step 5: Last thing to do is top wash off your mask. I would wash off with soap and water for the best removal off all turmeric. (Easier wash off when using an oil).

Your all done. You completed your Turmeric Facial Mask.  Repeat as needed.

Remember: one application is not going to removal all toxins; sometimes a mask a few times a week is needed to removal all impurities.


The FDA or Governmental bodies have not evaluated this statements. You should always test on a area of your skin to make your not allergic to any of the masks ingredients.