Turmeric Store Curcumin 25%

Curcumin 25% 35,000 Mg

Curcumin –Turmeric’s Active Ingredient. With having 25% Curcumin you have more than the standard powder. Curcumin is a fat soluble herb therefore adding an oil to your cooking, meals, teas etc with further help the absorption into the body. The four ways to have the body absorb the curcumin is as follows: Black Pepper and Read more about Curcumin 25% 35,000 Mg[…]

Is Turmeric helpful with weight loss

Turmeric and Weight Loss This has been a question lately; can Turmeric help with weight loss? This is answer is not as simple as other questions; Turmeric has been known to help breakdown dietary fat and with any exercise routine and food plan; patiently using Turmeric can help regulate the dietary fat in the body Read more about Is Turmeric helpful with weight loss[…]

Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric and Curcumin; What is the difference? Curcumin is the active ingredient in the plant Turmeric. Many forms of Turmeric have different percentages of curcumin and different grades. Not all turmeric nor curcumin are created equal. Curcumin “the active ingredient” that in this case the more the better.