What is Turmeric Cream For?

Turmeric as we know is a natural anti-inflammatory. This cream is used topically on our skin to fight such inflammation. These Properties below have been known for topical fighting properties.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Inflammatory!

The Cream is used in small amount to be applied to any part of the body that may hurt, be swallon, itch, contain a rash, blister etc.

The Turmeric Raw, Organic, Unrefined AFrican Shea Butter has many uses and many propeties.

The Regular Turmeric Shea Butter is a Double Anti-Inflammatory.

The Shea Butter mixed with hemp seed oil is a triple anti-inflammatory.

The Shea Butter Cream with the hemp seed oil & Arnica Essential Oil is a quadruple anti-inflammatory as the Shea Butter, turmeric oil, hemp seed oil and arnica oil are all anti-inflammatories.