Can Turmeric Help with Sleep

Sleeping Better with Turmeric

For many generations the Golden Milk has been the Turmeric drink before bed.

Why? Turmeric powder has been known to reduce inflammation, ease digestion, relax the mind, boost your immune system, as well as detox the liver; therefore causing a better and restful sleep. many also feel for productive the next day as well after the Golden Milk.


  1. In warm milk add a teaspoon of Turmeric Powder or our premixed Golden Milk; (with Black/Cayenne Pepper) (to better help the absorption) with either honey or cinnamon for a tad of sweetness: Stir or Shake and Enjoy.


  1.  In a Mason Jar add a teaspoon of Golden Milk, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon: Shake and Enjoy


  1.  Prepare banana slice about 1/2 inch thick; once cut add to a saute pan and lightly mush; once mused add in a your milk a little bit at a time while stirring; once all the milk is in add your cinnamon powder. Once the milk is just right remove from heat and add in your turmeric powder. Shake/Stir & Enjoy your Banana Golden Milk!